Sunday, September 18, 2011

How to make a Sexy Ostomy-Bag holder--TUTORIAL

I don't like my bag dangling around and flopping free-balling. It's like not wearing a bra, or not having a jock-strap on. Moreover, as the wafer stuck to my skin can only take so much yanking, even with added adhesives, I always have on an ileostomy bag holder thing that I first made by cutting a t-shirt in half to kind of make a rudimentary sling.
I made 3 shitty bag holders before I perfected my technique, and here today, instead of showing you the normal bag-holders (which I promise to do a tutorial of that in the future) I will demonstrate how to make a fabulous sexy bag holder out of an old pair of underwear.
I do not like this stupid ill-fitting panties, and therefore, I decided to change it into a bag-holder. This has little strappy things on the side, but this will work with just about any kind of underwear, although boy-shorts might be rather difficult.
OK. So you got your panties--now hold up the larger butt-side to your ostomy bag to see how big/ how long it should be.  

Now start cutting off the front part of the panties from the top elastic band. (See below)

Now that you are at this stage....------->
...  cut off the crotch lining.

Slip the elastic waist-band around your hips like you normally would putting on panties, with the butt-side over your ostomy bag and tuck the crotch part under the bottom of your bag.

See where my finger is right there? That's where I'm cutting.

Now still wearing the elastic-banded piece covering your bag, flip your cutt-off piece around with the biggest side facing you.

Now snug that biggest-side right under your ostomy bag.

 I snugged it up to a little ways lower than my wafer is... you know how the edges of the wafer stuck to your skin don't have the bag attached to it all the way to the edge? I usually have a little wafer room. But anyway, so now I have the other piece of cloth right under my bag, I'm going to pin the edges together. (I normally don't recommend getting pins or anything poke-y near your bag--it's just a bad fucking idea--so be uber careful.) I also pinned underneath, the area where my bag ends.

So this is what it should look like now, front and back.

I'm sewing the edges first..

See? The pouch is starting to take form.

Now you have a lovely and sexy little bag holder... don't mind the dirty mirror or the bit of yellowish part of my bag. I fold it over at the top to fit into the holder., and the bit of tan you might see peeking out the top is from the top part of the sticky wafer. ANYWAY---it is awesome and holds your junk in place, makes you feel more supported, and doesn't cost a million trillion dollars.



  2. poor panties :( they were so cute

  3. Brilliant idea, just what I was looking for

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  5. Save the panties!

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