Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Can you go in a hottub with an ileostomy?

Last May, me and my mother attended a Dual Diagnosis Peer Conference in Portland Oregon (Where my mom wants to live with me, but now that Dan is in my life, I want to remain in MN). We stayed in a hotel and they has a pool  and hot-tub there. None of the other guests wanted to splash around in that cold rainy weather, so we took advantage of that and went down there in our underwear and long T-shirts and swam.

Now, I was definitely afraid of my wafer leaking.
 I don't know if I posted this before and I'm too lazy to go back through my posts to see, but what really helped me was Skin Tac liquid adhesive.  

You open this little bottle and it has a fuzzy ball at the end soaked with the solution. When your bag is off, you lightly dab this stuff all around the stoma and you have to wait for like a minute for it to become tacky, so don't try to put your bag on before then. I have, and I had to throw away the new clean bag because it wouldn't stick on anything once I put it on too early.
This stuff works like magic, I swear to god.
So I put on a new bag after the skin tac dried, and I went in the hot tub expecting shitty (ha ha) results. And I was surprised! It stayed on, and I could soak in that heat as much as I wanted!
It stayed put in the pool too, of course.
Unforch, my insurance doesn't cover Skin Tac, so Im glad I have a few bottles left. That shit is hella expensive! Since my supplies are low, I only use it when I've been having leaky days where I have changed my bag three times and they all leak from the wafer.



  1. If you wear a two-piece bag system, have you had any trouble from the bag tearing at the "tupperware" seal? I seem to get that more often from the smaller bags, but I prefer those for going out, as they're more easily concealed. I've started getting two boxes of bags for every one bag of wafers, but it seems like the manufacturer should take notice of this and rectify it.

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